Saturday 7 June 2008

My blogging sis is having a raffle

Aimee is one of my sisters from SBS16. She is having a raffle. Visit her blog to see the prize and find out where the cards will go to.
I have copied the instructions for you from Aimee's blog.

Here are the different ways to enter:

1. Post this on your blog. Just enter the link in my comments section. (1 ticket)

2. No blog? No problem. Send this information via email to your stamping friends...just CC me on the email. (1 ticket)

3. Send me blank, homemade cards w/envelopes. 1 ticket for each card. (all occasions wanted) These cards will go into my Great Card Round Up. I'll be sending them to my brother for the troops overseas so they can send cards home to their loved-ones. See this link for more info.

Last day to play is July 4th. I will draw the winning ticket that day--overseas stampers are also welcome to play!


Ann said...

What an unusual idea Shaz, must pay a visit to her blog.....great idea too btw!! xxx

Aimee said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for posting my info on your blog! Can you email me your address?

Shazza said...

Hi Aimee, have sent you an e-mail today