Sunday 7 November 2010

Name those Kittenz

Well Kenny K is looking for names for his next release and boy are they racy ladies.
I am not really any use at coming up with names but as there are prizes to be had I thought I'd have a go

A- Racy Rhonda
B - Tittilating Tina
C - Dazzling Daisy
D - Emmi-Lou Lasoo
E - Michalea Schumakker
F - Desirable Di
G - Pucker up Patsy
H - Fishnet Fiona
I - Catsuit Caitlin
J - Racey Lacey
K - Howdy Helena
L - Dancing Davina

Bet my hubby could think of some other names!!!!


Erika said...

Gosh they're a bit racey!

TinaB said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!