Sunday 8 April 2012

Share it On A Sunday

Have you ever been on Pinterest? Be warned it is addicitve and will eat up your hours before you know it. It is choc full of inspiration though. Karen over at Sugar Nellie though it would be nice to share our favourite Pins on a Sunday.  I am going to be decorating my living room so have been browsing for ideas. Thee are so many beautiful rooms but this caught my eye today

I thought it was a very pretty idea, love yellow roses. You can see more HERE
Anyhoo, need to go back to browsing, catch you later


Flutterby Trina said...

Ohhh That is beautiful!!! x

Fiona said...

wow Shazza that is a lovely idea..


sugarnellie said...

That would be great for a wedding table dont you think? So much insipation and beautiful homes, dream homes that I just want to move out of this old drab farm house and somewhere warm and sunny where you can open the doors and let the breeze blow...... aye you get the ideam it's all a fantasy but then again , everyone can dream.
Have a great day with your boys, hope they share all the choccy with you.

Wiccababe said...

such a simple idea - but so pretty. As Karen says, fab idea for a wedding table, or even for parties

Elaine said...

Gosh..these are stunning and actually very simple! I do think very often the most simplest of ideas are the most striking. Thanks for sharing :)

Love Elaine xx

Erika said...

Oh now Sharon I love that idea. Great thanks for sharing.
Hugs Erika.